Tuesday, January 26, 2010

5000 Americans Missing or Dead in Haiti

Some 5000 Americans are feared missing in quake-hit Haiti. Some of the dead Americans were buried along with others in mass graves, CNN’s Anderson Cooper reported today, showing passport of one of the Haitian-Americans who was dumped in a mass grave in the outskirts of Haiti’s capital city Port-au-Prince, Cooper said.

It is feared many Americans are feared missing or dead in different locations of Port-au-Prince including at Hotel Montana which collapsed on the day the 7.0-magnitude devastating earthquake

The news of thousands of Americans still missing or dead in Haiti comes as the 82nd Airborne US troops today rescued a man trapped under the rubble in the quake-hit capital of Haiti. The man was found alive by U.S. troops 14 days after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck.

The man, aged 35, was pulled from a collapsed building of Hotel Napoli this afternoon in the capital city of Haiti. He did not appear to have suffered any major injuries.

A U.S. army specialist told the AFP that it was possible the man had been buried under the rubble since the earthquake 14 days ago.

“We don’t know if he was there from the beginning or in one of the aftershocks he may have gone under,” said the specialist.

The man was found covered in dust and wearing only underpants.

Source: Despardes

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