Saturday, October 4, 2008

Stacyville,IA Man Headed To Haiti To Help Less Fortunate

by David Namanny

Stacyville's Steve Weis (left) is presented with a $2,690 donation from the Osage Rotary Club to aid in the mission to Haiti. Presenting the check is Rotary President Derek Mauser. (Press-News photo by David Namanny)

Steve Weis of Stacyville, a registered nurse currently employed at Austin Medical Center in Austin, MN will be traveling to Haiti next month.

Weis, who works in the hospital's emergency department and also as a nursing supervisor is part of a group making a special medical mission trip to Cape Haitian, Haiti to help those affected by recent hurricanes. The group will depart from Chicago on November 1st and return on November 8th.

To help his efforts, the Osage Rotary Club recently donated various medical supplies, as well as over $2,600 in cash.

This is Weis' third medical mission with this same group. He said that there will be a doctor, a Physician's Assistant, four registered nurses, a lab technician, and two non-medical people on the mission.

"We see and treat patients on all the days that we are there," explained Weis. "We utilize clinics already there, as well as going out into the countryside setting up 'day clinics.'"

Weis said he was grateful for the donation from the Osage Rotary Club and praised them for their efforts. He said we should all give in some way to the less fortunate in times of crisis.

"Going on a medical mission was something in the back of my head when I went into nursing school," said Weis. "I know how fortunate I am. And I am very thankful for all I have, and just want to give a little something back to others not as fortunate."

Source: McPress.Com

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