Friday, September 5, 2008

VIDEO:Fox Host on Code Pink Protesters: 'Where's The Taser?'

BY David Edwards and Muriel Kane

Members of Code Pink repeatedly interrupted John McCain's acceptance speech on Thursday with calls of "We want a peace president!" but were quickly drowned out by delegates being directed to chant "USA, USA" and removed by security.

The hosts of Fox & Friends were naturally outraged by the interruptions. "I don't get how these people got in there," fretted Steve Doocy. "It was really hard to get any sort of credential for us professional media."

However, Brian Kilmeade appeared disappointed that the women had not been handled more aggressively. "Why did she knock a Secret Service agent off of her?" he wanted to know. "That is a reason where they -- didn't the other guy 'tase him bro' because of that? Where is the taser? They tased the guy at Florida State, but with maybe a future president feet away this woman's allowed to get up and scream? She could have had a gun."

Kilmeade's co-hosts did not directly respond to his suggestion, but Gretchen Carlson jumped in to suggest diplomatically, "Neither candidate is helped by this."

"Code Pink's leader is a major fundraiser for Barack Obama," Kilmeade grumbled.

This video is from Fox's Fox & Friends, broadcast September 5, 2008.
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Source: RawStory.Com

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