Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Video: Haiti to Rome - Stella Jean

Haitian fashion designer Stella Jean presents for the Spring Summer 2014 collection is characterized by a perpetual succession of trompe-l'oeil cultural exploration and evocative creations are born under the sign of continued cooperation with the UN agency International Trade Center (ITC), which favored the introduction of a handloom fabrics made by village women in Burkina Faso.

Seemingly disparate elements enact contrasts , blended and mitigated by tailoring lines of unequivocal European origin . The collection is inspired by the evocative images in black and white aristocrats paths vacationers 60s : dream trips that started on a Aquariva departing from the Cote d' Azur , to arrive and then the fascinating indolent Italian coast , to go with carefree riding a Lambretta.

The creations of the collection (re) draw a map that goes beyond the geographical sense , to delve into the philosophical and sentimental : every head not only demand to be looked at and admired , but to see through styling a deeper meaning that goes beyond the mere aesthetic reflection .
A collection that turns into impromptu travel diary , in which the stories follow each other to meet in a narrative for new images , but deeply rooted and conscious of its past. The power of the gaze is then used as a ferryman , and by means of a cultural kaleidoscope , awakens memories of a common heritage , through its engagement in the contemporary urban fabric.

Fundamental to the understanding of the collection proper use of the adjective " ethnic ", which here is subtracted from the abuse and manipulation Westerners, to be returned to its authentic and far more egalitarian content. The trompe-l'oeil surprises the viewer with every look , creating a play of appearances and references , and the rigor of the horizontal lines of the striped canvas fabric used for outerwear and skirts retro cuts , even calling for an association of ideas the striped blazers college British , actually constitutes the standard-bearer of the culture of Burkina Faso, West Africa and was "land of upright men ." The territorial boundaries are then split off from the mental ones , less visible but far more tenacious and selective.

Among the ethnic groups which are inspired creations , the first one is Italian , emphasized on traditional craftsmanship of unique garments in silk, which combine academic traditions of painting on fabric and hand embroidery modulated artistically. The wax is rather the stylistic fabric of Africa , a country which wants to commemorate the historic grandeur and picturesque traits . West African tradition and craftsmanship are two living expressions of slow fashion , both distant from the timing swirling fashion industry but able to conjugate a quick heads and passe-par -tout , as the ubiquitous striped shirt or a denim shirt from ' decontractée unmistakable spirit . The jewelry '50s adorn the movements , helping to emphasize the refined style and somewhat playful.

Typically masculine elements are flanked by classic garments of the female wardrobe , creating a new rhythm , able to give echo to unprecedented elegance : the cleavage alternate loafers smocking in wax and grosgrain contrast , the hair is collected under strictly mannish hats or turbans wrapped in wax or broderie anglaise , elegant and rigorous Cuban Guayabera shirts for men show a new femininity composed.

About Stella Jean

Stella Jean , a young and talented fashion designer who is Italian - Haitian , he started working in the fashion world parading as a model for Egon Von Furstenberg, however, soon discovering his true vocation creative . His clothes have to tell who she is beautiful and should make the wearer. Since July 2011, when it stood out among the winners of the prestigious Who's On Next , the collections continue to receive the appreciation of international press and buyers . The mood refined and precious Stella Jean continues draws inspiration from its multicultural philosophy that translates into " Wax & Stripes " Philosophy " , his real signature style . His garments sold in the most important fashion stores around the world and worn the most elegant women of the globe, are a personal interpretation of timeless style .

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