Monday, March 3, 2014

Video: Haiti police crack down on protesting high school students - RTRuptly

Police reacted forcefully to students from the Lycee Faustin Soulouque who took to the streets of Petit Goave, Monday, demanding the resumption of classes and showing solidarity for striking teachers. Public schools were without teachers on Monday as a general strike, with an indefinite end, was called by educators who claim they are owed months of back pay.

Protesters forced private schools in the city 68 kilometres (42 miles) southwest of Port-au-Prince to release their students. Police and security forces responded, which caused protesters to flee. Numerous injuries were reported.

Teachers have complained about payments as the government waived public school fees of $2.50-$5.00 (€1.83-€3.65) as part of its free education program. They argue the Compulsory and Free Education Program of 2011 does not account for the influx of students and needs of schools.

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