Wednesday, March 12, 2014

INTERVIEW: Dr. Paul Farmer talks How US Haiti Policy, Revealed by WikiLeaks, Undermines Democracy and Health on Democracy Now!


Dr. Paul Farmer, who was worked in Haiti for nearly three decades and now serves as the the U.N. Deputy Special Envoy for Haiti, discusses how U.S.-backed coups and neo-liberal programs have not only subverted Haiti's democracy, but also seriously weakened its public health. On Democracy Now!, Dr. Farmer addresses the U.S. influence in Haiti in the context of recent WikiLeaks disclosures of classified U.S. diplomatic cables that documented the United States supported recent elections, despite the exclusion of Haiti's most popular political group, the Famni Lavalas. The cables also documented that the United States also advocated behind the scenes to block an effort to raise the minimum wage in Haiti. Dr. Farmer's new book, "Haiti After the Earthquake," has just been published.

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