Friday, March 7, 2014

Haitian lawyer demands an apology from Montreal mayor Coderre for Haiti coup

A prominent Haitian lawyer specializing in the field of Human Rights urges the mayor of Montreal Denis Coderre to apologize for allegedly lied about the impeachment of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, it was ten years ago this week.

Mr. Mario Joseph, who represented Mr. Aristide, made the request Thursday during a visit to Montreal.

Mr. Coderre was federal minister responsible for francophone countries, including Haiti, at the time of the expulsion of Mr. Aristide from power. Counsel submits that Mr. Coderre has lied in the days before the dismissal of the former president when he said Ottawa did not want the start of the democratically elected leader.

Counsel submits that Mr. Coderre lied again after removal of Mr. Aristide, saying that the president had not been forced to leave against his will and that he had resigned from his own.

Denis Coderre has responded to these allegations that he had no reason to apologize and he had always been a friend of Haiti. He added that he believed that Mr. Joseph attempted to bring Haiti's internal politics in Canada.

Mr. Coderre plans to spend a few days in Haiti in mid-March with a Canadian delegation dedicated to the reconstruction of Port-au-Prince.

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