Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Le Haïti Jazz Vaudou de Jacques Schwarz-Bart

After brilliantly mixed his jazz Gwoka , Guadeloupean saxophonist Jacques Schwarz- Bart returns with Jazz Racine Haiti , a new record , where he rubs his "blue notes" to the sacred music of voodoo. A rich , teeming project , woven music and spirituality. Story.

To trace the origins of the new disc Jacques Schwarz- Bart , Jazz Racine Haiti , a geographical detour is required. Towards Essaouira , far from Port -au- Prince ! We are in 2007 - "or about " , he said - the famous festival of Gnawa music . On stage, the saxophonist from Guadeloupe occurs with Maâlem Hamid El Kasri . During a sax solo on a piece of Sufi inspiration , spirits dance , trance watches , magic darts ! "I see in you the same jinn in Gnaoua religion ," said he, at the end of the concert, the Master of Ceremonies .

The same evening , Schwarz- Bart continues to experience , drunk with fatigue, jet -lag in full , surrounded by Maâlem and drummer Karim Ziad . Twelve hours , " without moving a bone ," he blows his instrument during a "Lila " these nights Gnawa ritual . " At dawn, out of place , I was overwhelmed by an indescribable sensation : a first emotion, almost pre- birth ... ," he says .

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