Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Haiti leader wants favorable solution, but ‘watch Dominican Republic’

Washington.- Haiti president Michel Martelly on Friday criticized Dominican Republic Constitutional Court’s ruling on criteria to determine Dominican nationality and which critics affirm, would affect offspring of Haitians residing in the country, EFE reports.

"I thank the countries that mobilized to promote a respectful resolution" to the dispute, said Martelly in his speech at the OAS, and stated his hope for an "favorable solution to the topic," from the talks the two countries carry out on the sticky topic of immigrants and other issues between the Hispaniola neighbors.

"I invite the OAS countries to remain vigilant with regard to human rights so that no person is in a situation similar to statelessness," Martelly said.

Haiti’s leader also called for a "pact of solidarity" in the war on poverty and inequality in the Americas, and affirmed that as a result of his Administration’s advances, the Haitian people are recovering "their right to dream."

Martelly spoke during a formal session of the OAS Permanent Council, after meeting with its Secretary General, José Miguel Insulza.

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