Wednesday, December 4, 2013

POEM: Blas R. Jimenez - Haitiano

Eres Haitiano

eres haitiano por ser negro

eres negro

eso te hace haitiano

no por nacimiento

Por ser negro

Eres negro

Eres haitianoo por ser negro

Negro es lo malo

Malo es lo haitiano

Negro es feo

Feo es haitiano

Eres haitiano

Por ser negro eres haitiano.


You are Haitian

you are Haitian by being negro

you are negro

that makes you Haitian

not by birth

By being negro

You are negro

Negro is bad

Bad is Haitian

Negro is ugly

Ugly is Haitian

You are Haitian

By being negro you are Haitian

Blas R. Jimenez, 'Haitiano', (1980)

This poem looks into the effects of racism/self-hatred in Hispaniola.

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