Wednesday, December 18, 2013

INTERVIEW: Nyugen E. Smith talks 1st BIAC Martinique on Uprising Art

This is the first edition of the BIAC in Martinique, FWI. What is the importance of such an event?

It is an exciting thing to help bring notoriety to the Caribbean related to the art that is being made there and in the diaspora. We hear about biennials everywhere and they bring the spotlights to those areas that host them. It is time that this happens in the Caribbean too. Especially because it is an exciting and important time for the Caribbean at the moment, with publications, like ARC, and events in the West Indies, such as the ttff (Trinidad+Tobago film festival).

Speaking about the West Indies, in our last interview, you mentioned you were ready to go back to Trinidad. How has been your experience of going back there?

I was preparing for a trip to Miami for Art Basel and I realized it had been seven years since I was in Trinidad, so I decided to book a trip quite suddenly. I went with the intention of doing some work there. I wanted to create a project at Alice Yard. Just before I travelled, I had the chance to meet the artist Christopher Cozier who was in New York for his exhibition. We discussed some ideas but when I got there… my focus changed. It was more about me just absorbing, meeting people, networking, and reconnecting with the land. I made a lot of photographs – mainly for research and material to work from. I have not begun to use these images as of yet.

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