Thursday, December 12, 2013

Dog-eat-Dog Smile — The Twenty Percent Want their Money and Cake, Too

Here it is, really – the bold-two/faced lie of the liberal class, the 19 percenters holding up their share of the pain for the rest of us. We make paltry livings and have zero benefits. We see the cuts to food assistance, see the massive funding of transfinancials through our hard-earned work. We see the dumbdowning of America, the dog-eat-dog reality of these rabid souls. You can name them in your nightmares, or see them on Charlie Rose. You can thumb through their rap sheets in the magazines of their class – Forbes, the Economist, WSJ. These are the kingpins of felonies, stealing the goods in broad daylight. They are the worker bees for the plutocrats, the upper class, those Americans who are living the dream of inherited wealth, disturbed/distributed incomes based on the very nature of their species – money for no work, or for non-work they deem a million times worth more than our real work: land workers, teachers, brick layers, body men, child care workers, the backs and the brawn, and the people who want their world to be fair, for something more than a prayer and a tune, something bigger than the heft of their bank accounts and the displacement of their engines.

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