Saturday, August 10, 2013

Video: 'South Africa: the Limits of Patience (2002)' Trailer

Director: Mario L. Delatour // Amistad Films

In 1994 South Africa held its first ever universal elections which the ANC won thereby ending officially 47 years of Apartheid rule. In a series of in-depths interviews with key personalities of post Apartheid rule, filmmaker Mario L. Delatour uncovered much frustration with the pace of change in South Africa. Though many blacks rose to prominence in S.A. the overall unemployment rate for Blacks took a plunge between 1994 and 2002! The legacy of Apartheid left much in its wake notably the issue of compensation for past abuses. The film also looks at the AIDS pandemic and the failure of president Mbeki’s government to address the issue in the early years.

This documentary was produced by Danish filmmaker Mogens Rasmussen’s company MR-Production. The film is narrated in English.

Festival and presentation:
Originally intended to air on DR1-Danmarks Radio The limits of patience was never broadcasted in Denmark. The film however played at a number of gatherings in S.A.

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