Thursday, May 2, 2013

VIDEO: Haiti // The UNtold Story (TRAILER)

Wyclef Jean recently boasted of his role to "stop the violence" after supporting the coup against the democratically elected government of Aristide. Thousands of Haitians were killed, jailed and forced into exile while Wyclef Jean, a self-proclaimed champion of human rights, remained silent. Wyclef Jean actually lent his celebrity to give legitimacy to the killing you see in this video. It is proof of the high-profile crimes committed against the Haitian people as Wyclef Jean now tries to hide his role by pretending he tried to "stop the violence."

This was an earlier version produced and directed by Kevin Pina of what eventually became "Haiti: We must kill the BANDITS." It was meant as a placeholder for the final film which has since undergone several rounds of editing. It's release was seen as necessary and timely given the human rights violations that were occurring in Haiti during that period.

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