Monday, May 6, 2013

Video: BélO performs Live at globalFEST 2012

Kote Moun Yo

BélO, a Haitian folk artist, performs live at globalFEST 2012.

The singer, songwriter, and guitarist's vision interweaves the Afro-Caribbean depths of Haitian tradition with a progressive voice for social and political transformation. BélO keeps the socially conscious spirit of reggae alive, mixing it with the vibrant sounds of his native Pétion-Ville, Haiti's music central, and a globally informed, upbeat vibe. With strong connections to his native island and to the Parisian Afro-global music scene, BélO finds powerful sonic ties that span the Atlantic and powerful ways to move audiences, to action and to sing along.

Buy: BélO - Banm Nouvel Ou (Single)


Istwa dwol

Mwen Bouke

Lakou Trankil

Ti Jean

Mizik a Jah

Lov Pou Lov



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