Thursday, April 11, 2013

Video: Safe in S.Korea? - Wilkine Brutus

Wilkine Brutus, a Haitian poet and writer, ask the question is it 'Safe in S.Korea?'.

As a 3-year member of the expat community in South Korea, and due to tense circumstances, it's necessary to share my subjective view on the political tug-of-war between North Korea and the rest of the world.

This video features a quick interview with a young South Korean, a trip to the North Korean border, and a few musings on the 2013 heightened rhetoric from the North Korean regime. Yes, this rhetoric happens every year, but it's much more tense than recent years.

Earlier this year, VICE magazine went to North Korea with Dennis Rodman. That was a brilliant circus. I didn't respond to that, but unfortunately, the episode continues.

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