Monday, April 29, 2013

Video: Asians Look Alike! And so do You - Wilkine Brutus

Wilkine Brutus, a Haitian poet and writer, ask the question do 'Asians Look Alike! And so do You'.

This video explores the term "cross-race effect" and seeks to answer the burning question: Do All Asians look alike. What about Blacks? Whites? Do they all look alike, too?

A photo from the Korean Beauty Pageant in Daegu, South Korea which appeared on Reddit created controversy earlier this week. The photo went viral and discussions about plastic surgery, lack of physical authenticity, photoshop, and make-up were some of the themes which filled the debate sphere.

The Before-after photos were drastically different. This brought out some disrespectful, nasty comments from Koreans and foreigners (both male and female).

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