Tuesday, March 19, 2013

VIDEO: Boukman Eksperyans sabotaged in Cap-Haitien?

Throughout the three day celebration of haitian national carnival in Cap-Haitien the rasin band Boukman Eksperyans were sabotaged. The reasons seems indeed political and is a serious blow to their freedom of expression. Boukman was the only rasin band allowed to play during carnival and this only after demonstrations made to the government and festival commitee by the people of Cap-Haitien. This video shows some of the events from the 3rd day of carnival.

Here follows a short account of the events:
On the 1st day of carnival Boukman was able to play for a while, but after lead singer Mimerose "Manze" Beaubrun addressed president Martelly their truck run out of gas. No one came to help out and Boukman had to stop their performance and leave the truck. They had not even finished one forth of the route.

On the 2nd day of carnival Boukman were supposed to start as number three in line. Upon starting they were blocked by the police and told they now was last in line. The band waited 6 hours and when they eventually started a truck in front and back of them kept pressing them in, destroying their sound. The sound equipment given to them by the government and carnival committee was also really bad this day, making it hard to hear their lyrics and sound.

On the 3rd day Boukman Eksperyans was told they were to start last in line, a joke since the band is the most loved band by the Haitian people. Before even starting the route and reaching a bigger audience the truck was again blocked by the police. Leadsinger Theodore "Lóló" Beaubrun confronted the police, but no answers to the blockade was given. 15 minutes later the tire of their truck was punctured. Again, no help came and this ended their performance on the last day of carnival. A demonstrations was made by the band and people in Cap-Haitien. The government has been silent about the events.

Material is part of an upcoming documentary about Boukman Eksperyans. Produced by Jørgen Johansen and Idun Hermansen Kvasbø.

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