Thursday, May 13, 2010

SOCCER:Haiti vs Antigua 2010 CFU Women’s Gold Cup Qualifiers

Haiti 4 - 1 Antigua

The Haiti Women's national team made a grand entrance in the 2nd round of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) Women’s Gold Cup qualifiers defeating Antigua and Barbuda 4-1. The match was one sided for the Haiti women who have shown strong determination and impeccable physical condition but at times spill over into their besetting sin to miss countless scoring opportunities.

Any team is welcome, to highlight the impressive performance of Kimberly Boulos whom surprised Antigua and Barbuda with her speed of play, great technique and her effectiveness. The moment of truth Thursday is when they meet the strong Puerto Rican team beaten 4-3 by a few brilliant Cuban team goals. The race for qualification is well underway but Haiti will have to raise their game to cope with any chance of success against Cuba and Puerto Rico who made a strong impression. The 1st in each pool qualify for both the final round of World Cup women's football is played in Cancun, Mexico, and also for the Centro American Games to be held in Mayaguez July.

Haiti Women's Game Statistics

Manoushka Pierre Louis : 1-0

Sophia Batard : 2-1

Carmela Aristide : 3-1

Half time: Haiti leads 3-1

Tatiana Mathelier 4-1

HAITI VS PUERTO RICO Thursday, May 13 5:00 PM

HAITI VS CUBA Saturday, May 15 4:00 PM

Source: FHFHaiti

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