Tuesday, March 23, 2010

AUDIO:Mark Shine Ft Inna Vibe - Haiti 911 (Tribute to Haiti)

MUSIC:Mark Shine Ft Inna Vibe - Haiti 911
[audio:http://myayiti.com/wp-media/music/haiti_911.mp3|titles=Haiti 911|artists=Mark Shine Ft Inna Vibe]
Mark Shine and Inna Vibe team up to tell a story in a song dedicated to the people of Haiti,who on January 12, 2010 suffered great lost from a 7.0 magnitude Earthquake attack.Because of the unpreparedness, over 250,000 lives were lost."This is a very touching and sensitive piece of history to write about", says Mark."Had there been a 911 Emergency Service ,better building infrastructure in Port Au Prince ,hundreds of lives might have been saved.Today we can only look forward.Its our time to re-build a stronger foundation for the next generation to come ,our children".

The song "Haiti 911" is now available in all major online music retail stores for download and soon to be on iTunes.
100% of the proceeds will go towards assisting Haiti's development ,including a "911 Emergency Service Unit".

Please support the vision of giveloveatry.org by downloading your copy of the song "HAITI 911".
Lets not forget our fellow mankind,in their time of great need today.


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