Wednesday, February 24, 2010

50 Cent releases Haitian-American Tony Yayo album on his own

Now that 50 Cent is pretty much the only G-Unit member still signed with Interscope Records (as we previously reported Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks were dropped by the label), he is planning to release their upcoming solo albums on his own, independently that is. With the albums coming this summer some time, they will be the first by the two G-Unit members since they departed Interscope.

"Everybody all knows, me and [Lloyd] Banks are not on Interscope anymore," Yayo explained in a recent interview. "We're not on a major anymore. Me and Banks are dropping two albums in the summer independently, through a deal that 50 [Cent] is conjuring up for us. It feels good to know that I have no red tape put on anything…If I had to deal with Interscope, I'd have to deal with the label and they'd have to sign off. Now I can do what I want. It's exciting to work with new guys. Some of these kids shooting video are [teenagers]. It's new energy. A lot of these labels need new energy – people who are willing to bust they butt, go in and do what they've got to do."

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