Friday, January 22, 2010

VIDEO:Incredible Rescue in Haiti of 7-Year-Old, Kiki

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Incredible rescue in Haiti of 7-year-old, Kiki. Matthew McDermott, a freelance photographer for AmeriCares took the incredible shot as Kiki was being pulled out of the rubble on Tuesday. Kiki raised his head, smiled wide and threw his arms open wide. The crowd cheered enthusiastically. McDermott said that “around every corner there is a photo that needs to be taken.”

Kiki, 7, was lost in the rubble and found alive after 7 and a half days. He looked good, and happy as they pulled him out. The rescues have been few and far between in Haiti, but when they happen they are clearly celebrated.

Another small boy would found alive Wednesday, for his story and video, click here.

A 70-year-old woman was found Tuesday in the rubble in Haiti. The people assumed would not be found alive after eight days...the very old or the very young are the people that are being found alive. 121 bodies have been found alive since the earthquake in Haiti over a week ago.

An eye doctor from Utah, Dr. Branson Call returned Monday from Haiti after an annual trip to help the people of Haiti. Dr. Call was in Haiti when the earthquake struck and amazingly survived, even though 30 medical students in the building next door all died. For several days he was unable to contact his family or friends because there wasn’t phone service or internet. His family wasn’t even sure he was alive. He spent several days trying to help the wounded before getting onto a plane to the Dominic Republic and contacting his family, according to ABC 4.

The country of Haiti has approximately 9 million people and is a mostly desperately poor country. In 2008, the mayor of Port-au-Prince stated that about 60% of the buildings there were built poorly and were unsafe under normal circumstances. An estimated 45,000 Americans are estimated to be in Haiti.

The Salt Lake City based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) has responded and said that no missionaries from the US are in Haiti, but that an immediate relief project has begun to provide aid. In Haiti, the Caribbean Area Presidency of the LDS Church also provided immediate relief to the people there. To donate to the LDS Church aid for Haiti, go to For more ways to donate to the relief efforts in Haiti, click here.

Source: Examiner

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