Friday, January 15, 2010

LifeLinks Offers Haitian Creole Interpretation at $1 a Minute to Anyone Affected by the Disaster

High quality, low cost interpretation from English, Spanish and American Sign Language to Haitian Creole is meant to aid communication and assist coordination and relief efforts.

NEW YORK/PRNewswire -- Starting immediately, LifeLinks, a leading provider of remote video and telephonic language to language interpretation services will offer over-the-phone Haitian Creole interpretation to news agencies as well as family, friends and business associates of anyone affected by the recent earthquake in Haiti. This rate, which is below cost, will continue for the duration of the rescue efforts, and will allow English and Spanish speakers in the U.S. and throughout the region to make inexpensive calls interpreted into Haitian Creole.

Information is available by calling 866-LANGUAGE (866-526-4824), or emailing

In addition, LifeLinks, which is also a leader in American Sign Language video relay and video remote interpretation, is the only company that allows the deaf and hearing impaired in the United States to contact speakers of Haitian Creole in the U.S. and Haiti, at no cost, in their native language, i.e. a deaf person can speak with a hearing person in Haitian Creole and vice versa.

"With the devastation we've seen in the news over the past few days, we have sought ways where we could contribute our technology, language capability and expertise," said LifeLinks' Vice President Ash Kalb. "Doing what we can to aid communication, which is key during times of disaster, is the best way we can add to the ongoing relief efforts. LifeLinks staff and management is glad to help."

About LifeLinks

Headquartered in New York, LifeLinks(TM) is a privately held on-demand video interpreting and relay service, offering live interpretation in over a hundred foreign languages as well as sign language, in real-time, for the hearing impaired. Remote video interpreting and relay is handled through world-class certified interpreters, state-of-the-art videophone technology, and high-speed wireless internet connectivity offering cost effective and mobile solutions for communications needs. For more information on LifeLinks(TM) or this program, see or

Media Contact Ash Kalb 212.714.2476

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