Monday, October 6, 2008

NYHMI Haiti SOS @ Amazura Results

New York Haitian Music Industry United For Haiti [NYHMI] wishes to express its gratitude to all of you who attended and supported the Haiti SOS benefit concert @ Amazura on Sunday Sept 21, 2007. NYHMI would like to take a moment to thank each and everyone who participated in this humanitarian effort. NYHMI would like to applaud the generosity and time given by many artists, promoters, sound engineers, media, volunteers, professionals, families and friends who helped organize and put on this event as well as those who contributed by attending.

As promised prior to the event to release the official fund raising report within two weeks; with your help, NYHMI raised $ 10,943.00 for Haiti’s hurricane victims. The amount of $ 9,845.00 was delivered to the UNICEF’ s office in Manhattan; an additional $ 1,098 will be sent to UNICEF as well, from checks that came in late and were not cleared when the initial donation was made and an additional $ 53.00 that came from online donation, according to our webmaster on the NYHMI web site. The goods that were donated were delivered to The Brooklyn Armory on Tuesday September 23rd, ready to be shipped to Haiti.

The focus of the event was to help the people of Haiti in this enormous humanitarian crisis. The devastating situation will not be solved overnight and much more contribution is needed. NYHMI’s main goal was to create alliances to continue the work and not just to come together in a moment of emergency. We all need to get in the fight and lend a hand to rebuild a new Haiti.

Thank you,

Source: NYHMI

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