Friday, October 3, 2008

Nu Look Vini Vidi Vicci In ATL: Review And Pictures

By Lejacobin Noir

Saturday night, the clash of the titans in the HMI made it into Hotlanta for just one night. For a market like ATLANTA having Nu look and T vice on the same night opposing eachother is a recipe for disaster. We haven’t seen a show down like this for a while, but this time it wasn’t the bands that were competing it was the promoters. With all the talk that preceded that party, not even the General Assembly could have outtake these promoters. But we had no fear Regardless of what the other parties had planned, we can only speculate that all went well for them but the proof is in the pudding on the side of Legacy Entertainment who hosted Nu Look in Atlanta at Excalibur. Red Carpet and all, This was an elegant affair where doors opened at 10pm and the band made their grand entrance to play in front of their many fans.

I wouldn’t want to give Inaccurate information in any of my reviews so I made it a point to see the club owner and his security people at the door ( Noted all non-Haitians LOL) and asked to see the clicker that they were using to count the attendees, by 1:43am the clicker had show 564 and when I asked him if those were good numbers for Atlanta his response were Yes!! of course.

Let’s go back some hours. When we got to Atlanta on Friday night it was obvious that there was a recession in the South also ( I thought it was only NY) because the gas lines were 4 blocks long. People having limits on how much they could fill up their tanks, keep in mind that in Atlanta everything is minimum 30 minutes away. Nu Look came in around 12:45pm on Saturday, came straight to the hotel to enjoy some homemade Haitian food while relaxing in the lobby of the hotel. Than the automatic doors opened and T-Vice came through to greet and joke about the fact that they were in the same hotel. Opposing promoters, with their game face s on did not throw a punch and ignored each other and the day continued, the bands retreated to their rooms to relax before the show and were reunited again around 8:30pm in the lobby.

Arly and Gazzman had to make a grand entrance even at the hotel as they had the group waiting for them until 9:45pm. Thank God the club was about 10 minutes away driving and we were able to get there for them to do a mini-sound check while the line grew outside. Nu Look right now is the hottest band right now and there was no better time to prove that then Saturday night in Atlanta. The band played a mix of old songs to the newest. Nu Look played Wdysyl, Legacy, Is it real, Competition, Notrehistoire, St cecile, Cookie, Souvenir, and Two song form their first album

One of the highlights and actually sub-purposes of the night was that Radio Continental and Power FM, along side Legacy Entertainment wanted to Honor Gazzman and Arly for their work on the ABO CD as one of the best albums of the year. During intermission the host, Chenet Nerette took it upon himself to present these Silver trophies engraved with Gazzman Pierre; Song of the Year; Legacy; Abo Nu Look 2008 and one for Arly Lariviere which read Best Maestro of the Year; Abo Nu Look 2008. They didn’t forget about the rest of the group as each member, includig the sound engineering received a brass medal which a music note and their names on them. It was a great gesture that the group really appreciated, Gazzman even mentioned that since the beginning of his career he has never received anything like this from a radio station and that it shows that these guys in Atlanta are on the right path.

Source: OpaMizik

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