Saturday, October 11, 2008

Immense Volume Of Money Is Laundered In Dominican Republic, Fannin Warns

Puerto Plata. - United States ambassador Robert Fannin yesterday warned that an immense volume of money originating from drug trafficking is laundered in Dominican Republic and urged industrialists to collabrorate with the government in its war against it.

The diplomat affirmed that drugs pose a danger for the tourism industry and the world, for which the country should seek new ways to attack the problem of the demand, “as demonstrated by the fact that narcotics consumption has fallen 24 percent since 2001.”

Fannin made the request in the conference “Opportunities in Commercial Interchange and Investment between the United States and Dominican Republic,” that dictated in the American Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon here, held in the hotel Gran Ventana, Playa Dorada.

The U.S. ambassador said the around two billion doses of cocaine transported through Dominican territory produced much money that has been brought here, where it’s being laundered. “The private sector is in a very good position to help identify and alert the authorities on these activities in this area.”

Source: Dominican Today

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