Wednesday, October 8, 2008

9 More Days To Decide If Djakout’s Is NO MORE?

According to my sources, there’s supposed to be a big meeting that’s going to take place in Haiti on Wednesday October 15, 2008 to decided Djakout Mizik’s faith. This emergency meeting is being called because the head honchos in Haiti right now aren’t too happy with Djakout right now. Before the whole Compas Festival drama took place, Djakout was slowly but surly falling apart but the festival really tore the band that was barely holding on thin thread apart.

The owners are serious right now about the name Djakout Mizik. They are not willing to give it up. If the band should fall apart they can’t use the name Djakout Mizik if the head honchos in Haiti have anything to say about it.

What will the out come be?

Will Djakout Mizik members put their differences aside and continue to work together or will each one of them go where there’s more money?

Will Claude Marcelin return? (this is the HMI )

This is a developing story and I’m all over it.

Source: OpaMizik

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