Thursday, September 4, 2008

U.N., Haitian police bust drug network

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti, -- More than two tons of drugs have been confiscated in Haiti as a result of an increased U.N. presence to reinforce the country's security.The United Nations announced at the beginning of August plans to deploy additional military troops and police officers in response to an ongoing drug smuggling network operating in the region and increasing levels of violence.

U.N. officers have partnered with law enforcement authorities in Haiti to crack down on the illicit drug smuggling operated by transnational criminal networks. Officials say a recent counter-narcotics operation resulted in the confiscation and destruction of more than two tons of drugs.

"The conduct of this operation … shows that the Haitian state is in the right direction and it is firmly decided to pursue the fight against drug trafficking," Gerard Saunier, head the U.N. Police narcotics bureau, said in a statement.

Source: UPI

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