Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Press Release: DR. Zoe – Shooting In Little Haiti

It is with great regret that we share with our fans the sad and untimely story of DR. ZOE. It was discovered, Monday morning, by officials of Zoe Entertainment, INC. that DR.ZOE was involved in a shooting that took place in Little Haiti. The story remains unclear as to what prompted this disastrous turn of events, however, we stand firm in support for our artist/brethren. In the past several years there has been very few who can account for Haitian Pride in the way DR. ZOE has shown. In spite of what many have disputed to be a valid face that represents Little Haiti, we are proud to say that we posses in DR. ZOE, one of the prime representatives of Little Haiti and Haiti internationally. We shall continue to uphold the realization of the Haitian American experience, translated by Zoe Entertainment, INC. as, The International Zoemovement, “I’m A Zoe.”

Zoe Entertainment, INC.

Note This Is Not Confirmed

This is the official press release to come from Zoe Entertainment regarding Dr. Zoe and the shooting that took place in little Haiti on Monday, September 8, 2008. This year has not been a great year for the Creole Hip-Hop Movement. From the deaths of the three members of Barikad Crew, Strata G's untimely death, Ywana's illl fated car accident in Haiti and now this. We ask for all you Creole Hip-Hop Artists to take care of yourselves.

Source: Zoe Entertainment, INC

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