Thursday, March 13, 2014

Video: 'Three of One Kind' (produced by Perri Pierre)

Richard is a hopeless romantic. That is, he wants romance but he's hopeless. Like many single men, he has an inflated opinion of himself. He's quite good at overlooking his own flaws, so why can't he overlook them in others? When his latest relationship crumbles, Richard invites an ex-girlfriend to lunch, thinking perhaps she was the one for him. In their one-sided conversation, Richard recounts his most recent love affairs and comes to terms with what he sees as his greatest flaw -- he just hasn't met the right woman! His last three relationships seemed to send him the same message. But will he figure out what it is in time to recognize the imperfect woman who's perfect for him?

Starring Perri Pierre, Lauren Francesca, Terri-Ann Peters, Alexis Davis, Vanessa Bontea, Thomas Sauro, Rosanny Zayas, Michael Aquilino, Tia Abercrombie and Narmada Sahabir.
Directed by Richie Babitsky. Produced by Perri Pierre and Richie Babitsky. Associate Producer by Nina Chubalashvili. Written by Zack Van Eyck. Music By Leo Kirkpatrick. Costume Designer by Isabelle Parzygnat. Music of the Trailer by Shadowville.

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