Thursday, March 13, 2014

Video: Cultural Boycotts - Are They Effective? - BDS South Africa

The Grahamstown National Arts Festival: Africa's largest, longest-running and most recognized cultural event in July 2012 hosted an official discussion on the cultural boycott of Israel.

The discussion was chaired by Think!Fest convener and Associate Professor in Rhodes University's School of Journalism, Anthea Garman.

Panelists consisted of prominent members of the arts community, including celebrated playwright, Mike van Graan; Durban based hip-hop artist and member of the SA Artists Against Apartheid Collective, Iain 'Ewok' Robinson; the editor of The Daily Maverick, Brooks Spector; and others.

The cultural boycott forms part of the larger worldwide boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel campaign that was launched by Palestinians themselves in 2005 as a creative and non-violent method of placing pressure on Israel to comply with international law and bring about the requirements for a just peace. It is inspired and shaped by the successful boycott of Apartheid South Africa.

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