Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Video: Stella Jean FW 14/15 Menswear Collection

A collection that evokes the gentlemen's clubs of London's Victorian era, in an ironic reversal of the hierarchical orders .

Through a subversive allegory of British imperialism, the dandy of Haitian fashion designer Stella Jean embarks on a inverse historical journey that, using design as a language tool, becomes a vehicle for a counter-colonization to restore balance between symbols , stories and different worlds .

The exploration of cultural identity, which is typical of the designer’s work, is expressed with irony, in order to reintroduce in a “high milieu”, typical of British clubs, the voice and the colors of a part of the world constricted into picturesque stereotypes during that historical period.

Wax fabrics are the protagonists of a similar tale, but with an original geometrical declination: a research through rigorous shapes and brightness, which is more essential to winter than to summer, and which translates into a decisive use of colors.

The unmistakable Italian tailoring characterizes the clothing’s cut, acquiring a brand new touch thanks to vibrant colors.
The use of prints of specific cultural inspiration might seem a gamble in the winter season, but the attempt to combine the European tradition of cuts and garments such as the Loden, the Montgomery and the wax quilted down jacket represents a stimulating challenge.

The collection realizes a counter- colonization through images, which also affects accessories of Stella Jean winter dandy, who is now more than ever aware of the journey made through ages and cultures: stylish travelling bags borrowed from Sir Phileas Fogg are enriched by an avant-garde twist, that is intended to affect also shoes and scarves.

Suggestions from the world for a new concept of sophisticated multiculturalism applied to fashion.

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