Monday, January 20, 2014

UN occupation forces still not screened for cholera despite causing outbreak in Haiti

It has been four years since an earthquake devastated the small country of Haiti. More than three years have elapsed since a UN peacekeeping unit from Nepal introduced cholera to Haiti.

Despite telling CNN otherwise, the UN is not taking steps to ensure its peacekeepers do not carry cholera from country to country.

A ten year plan costing $2.2 billion is underway to ride the entire island of Hispaniola of cholera, but some are concerned that the UN is not doing enough to avert making the same mistake.

It came as a surprise when UN spokesman Farhan Haq told CNN in October that the UN was screening peacekeepers for cholera.

“Part of our lessons learned from this has been to screen peacekeepers for cholera,” said Haq.

It would be an important change in UN policy. But it is not true.

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