Friday, January 10, 2014

610 UN caused Haiti cholera deaths in 2013

MSPP has finally got round to updating its cholera statistics, bringing us up to January 4. As of that date, Haiti has seen 696,922 cases since the outbreak began in October 2010. Total deaths have reached 8,531.

MSPP's documentation page has recently been upgraded to the verge of uselessness, but I used to save the daily cholera reports, so I found the numbers for January 1, 2013. Between that date and January 1, 2014, Haiti recognized 59,633 cases, about 163 per day. Of those, 38,371 (105 per day) were serious enough to warrant hospitalization, and 610 Haitians died (1.6 per day). None are reported to have died since January 1.

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