Monday, December 16, 2013

INTERVIEW: Jozy Altidore talks World Cup and the Toughest Places to Play on MAXIM

First, congratulations on being named the US player of the year. What does that honor mean to you?

Oh, it’s huge. I mean, when I started out playing I never envisioned this. You dream of getting to this level, but I never thought it’d be possible. Especially coming up in the States, where it’s not easy to get seen playing soccer - so it’s a huge honor. My family and I hold it in the highest regard. It’s definitely a privilege.

You have had a chance to play around with the Brazuca, the new World Cup ball. How does it feel to you?

It feels great. I think Adidas did a great job in terms of really testing up the ball in every way. It plays well on a lot of surfaces and I think the way it feels on your foot is important. I think it’s good for control and it’s good for players who like to dribble. Overall, it’s a really balanced ball.

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