Monday, August 26, 2013

Washington Redskins Pierre Garçon poised for breakout year

The Washington Redskins are heading to the season with a NFC East title under their arms. The Redskins are in a tough division and will need to rekindle some of that magic to repeat as champions in a tough division.

Their running game behind rookie Alfred Morris who ran for 1,600 yards and the read-option setting up play action has the Redskins receivers ready for the ball to come their way. Wide receiver Pierre Garcon could be poised for a big year.

“In this offense you would love to be Pierre,” wide receiver Santana Moss said, via CBS Sports. “He’s going to be the Andre Johnson to this offense. That’s what they brought him here for, and if he keeps playing the way he’s playing, which I don’t doubt he will stop, he’s going to be that guy and he has every opportunity to be that guy. I used to sit back and watch Andre and say, ‘How can he be so open?’ And now I see it because there is so much you have to cover in this offense, and you can’t cover everybody.”

Last season, Pierre Garcon caught 44 passes for 633 yards in 10 games. He also had 4 touchdowns. To have an Andre Johnson like season he’d have more like 1,500 yards receiving.

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