Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Video: Disscusion on Sarodj Bertin Crowned Miss Haiti Universe 2010

By Oolibrice

A two-part video blog by two different Haitian women discussing Sarodj Bertin's Miss Haiti Universe 2010 crowning, skin color, family history, education, etc.

By Maipai101

Part 2 discusses Sarodj Bertin's Miss Haiti Universe 2010 crowning, skin color, family history, education, etc. as well but points out faults in how the Miss Haiti 2010 beauty contest was held in what many believe to be secrecy and with out due notice to all potential contestants.

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  1. The Response is ridiculous. Skin Color does not equal national identity. Sarodj is a good choice not because she is light but because she is a good candidiate. I also take issue with saying mixed race people have only contributed negatively to Haiti. We must get past skin color, can you imagine the outrage if someone said a contestant was too dark to be Miss Haiti the entire premise of the reply is flawed.

  2. One thing i want to say and I know you all know that already. There was no national pageant in Haiti. So, the question i am asking how could you call her Miss Haiti 2010? Who are the other girls that participated in the farce? where they come from. I bet they got some of them in the sidewalks of Dominican streets.
    I am not gonna arguing about the color of her skin. This is not necessary.

  3. Everytime we get a chance as Haitians we blow it. Let's not divide on skin color. Go to her facebook page she is light skin for sure but she is still Haitian just like all of us. As I read on a post if someone does not like the process of the nomination then get involved in it next time. Peace.

  4. I have to disagree with you the girl never said that Sarodj wasn't Haitian because of skin color, she said don't go around calling her "black". She said she wasn't Haitian because of living IN the Dominican Republic. It's a nationality issue. She did also mention the politics of picking Sarodj. You can't blame her for speaking the truth. Colorism is real and she wasn't blaming Sarodj, but moreso the people who picked her (Dominican judges). We Haitians need to stop killing the messenger. MaiPai101 has the right to her opinion due to her experiences. She has every right to be suspicious. She DID vote for Sarodj at the end of the day. After all we never hound the people who say they don't like dark skin so get over yourselves.